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Importance Social Businesses

Businesses with a conscience. They are concerned with the well-being of the people who buy from them. They want to address a social problem or an issue that no one else seems to be addressing. Although it is still a business, and it has to operate on a profit, the main concern is still the social good that it provides.

One of the examples of a social business is Grameen Bank, founded by Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh. It provided micro credit to poor women in rural communities so that they could get out of poverty. The women were thankful for the micro-loans. Grameen Bank also helped the women with the training they needed to ensure that they will be able to pay the loans they took. Through this effort, the Bank ensures sustainability and the process does not degenerate into a dole out.

Addressing social issues. There are businesses that address social issues such as poverty, empowerment of marginalized sectors, as well as working with government to end pervasive social problems. These social problems sometimes have lives of

Social Innovation for Public

Open source, which is also referred to sometimes as crowd sourcing, may be partly credited for the popularity of social innovations. When lots of people come together and they brainstorm for solutions, they end up solving a number of problems that seem insurmountable at first. The purpose of these innovations is not for profit, but for pursuing the social good. It also overlaps with government, public policy and even with the non-profit sector.

Social innovations have impacted several areas for the better. The following areas have been improved due to social innovations

Public Services. Governments are coming to realize the importance of providing healthcare to their citizens. Through social entrepreneurship and innovation, public services are becoming more accessible to citizens. Various technologies are being used for this purpose. So, as a result, more and more people come to rely on the health care provided by government.

Social entrepreneurship and business. Social services are becoming more available to those who need them. The good thing is, they are no longer provided using a dole out framework. Instead,

Balancing Social Responsibility

I Want To Make Money

Although “capitalism” has become a swear word in some circles, it’s naive to ignore it as a motivation. We all have to make money to provide the necessities and luxuries of life. There is a difference between capitalism and greed.

Many businesses that have built themselves up as profit entities want to divert some of those profits to socially responsible programs. Although some may view it as a tax dodge or a PR move, a lot of positive effects have come out of programs such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or the Ronald McDonald House.

The first step is to consult with your accounting services firm to see where the profits are. Even if you run on a thin margin, you can still find ways to help people. Organizations such as “1% For The Planet” encourage their members to donate 1% of their revenues to environmental organizations. If that’s too much, something as simple as removing a few light bulbs or implementing carpool and work-from-home programs to save fuel

Social Media Jobs

Facebook jobs (and this applies to all other media as well) generally consist of a number of different services:

– Planning and executing marketing campaigns that focus on social media platforms. This includes tracking the company’s social media exposure so that you know exactly which channel you should focus on.

– Increasing the number of ‘likes’ or ‘friends’ or even followers of company’s page so that its message can go across to as many people as possible.

– Providing regular updates to the company’s social networking page so that customers always have something new and interesting to need.

– Ensuring that other people spread information about marketing campaigns that you have launched so that they are distributed to a very wide audience.

– Keeping track of trending topics so that you can incorporate them in your marketing efforts, thereby staying relevant at all times.

– Collecting feedback from customers so that products and services can be customized.

– Conducting training sessions for customers so that they can manage their social networking marketing on their own.

Leadership Development

Entrepreneurship development is especially important in developing countries. Because of the lack of jobs in these countries, people need alternative ways to make money. Instead of doing something illegal, it would be better to pursue entrepreneurship. This has been shown as a great means of lifting people out of poverty. By gaining access to capital-mind you, it does not have to be big, just enough to get things going-they can start some enterprise, which will then become their main source of income. As they start to life themselves out of poverty, they will come to realize that they have the power to make their lives easier. With that power, they will also realize that they can empower other people to get themselves out of poverty, too.

Entrepreneurs also need leadership development. This is how they can grow their enterprise and engage other people’s help with their project. Leadership development will also enable entrepreneurs to meet other people like them who do have similar interests and who have the same problems that need solving.

Leadership development cannot be done only through training and lecture sessions. Sure, these lectures may help the participants understand the theory and the

Profit and Social Work Co-Exist

Social entrepreneurship is not a totally new term, its been there for generations. Today we are having more people get involved in social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur is a person who applies the principles of entrepreneurship to a social problem. In this manner, he or she is able to resolve the social setback and at the same time generate wealth from the intervention. Is this possible? Yes it is. Here is an example that speaks for itself:

Nobel Laureate, Prof Mohammad Yunus – This man worked among the communities that lived below the poverty line in Bangladesh. While trying to empower them socially and economically, he observed that they are trapped into poverty because of lack of credit. When given access to micro credit, sometimes as little as USD 50, they can leverage it to catapult themselves out of the abject poverty conditions they lived in. Grameen Bank evolved on the principles of micro-credit financial institutions, designed to provide money to those who would otherwise not be eligible for formal credit. The Grameen Bank is an institution, which is making huge profits and also empowers the poor to break out from the shackles of economic helplessness.

Social Innovation Project

Social entrepreneurship has been one of the most productive ways of keeping people safe, comfortable and the environment clean as well. Social media has played a huge part in the push to make the world better. By sharing ideas and information over the net it has never been easier for people to come up with plans together and to organize. Organizing and executing various strategies is easy for anyone because of the huge multi-billion dollar online networks out there. People share through cloud services, You-tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype and many other services and community websites.

One of the main companies creating and actively implementing innovative ideas is Open Ideo. Open Ideo has ensured access to safe drinking water where there wasn’t any before, they have pushed to deliver immunizations to countries and communities that need them in order to be safe and prevent the spread of disease. The company has accomplished its goals through donations and sharing innovative ideas online and off. Open Ideo isn’t just about you donating either; it’s for you to share your ideas as well. Anyone can post for a cause and start garnering attention, in fact just recently a famous chef

Internet Entrepreneurship

Affiliate Marketing — This is a way of making money on the Internet by working as an affiliate of companies or individuals and help them sell their products. You make money through the commission from every sale that you have made. Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet because of the fact that with it you don’t have to create your own product or develop a service.

Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) — This is a very popular way of making money both online and offline. It is called as such because of the marketing structure involved in it which is usually made up of several levels. In MLM, you can earn not only from the sales that you have made but also from the sales of the people under you in the structure which are called downlines. This is a viable business opportunity that has produced many millionaires already.

Network Marketing — This is often mistaken for MLM but it is actually a much broader concept. This is a form of marketing, used both online and offline, where social and interpersonal networks are used to promote a product or

About Youth Social Entrepreneurship

The youth have a lot of passion. Social entrepreneurship is not motivated by money or profit. It is actually driven by a desire to make the world a better place. Too often though, charitable institutions are not creative or ambitious enough to make big changes in the world. With the passion of youth social entrepreneurship, perhaps the world can be a better place.

Almost boundless energy. With youth come strength and energy. Although a lot of youth and young adults are devoting their energies to destructive causes such as gangs and self-destructive habits, some youth can be asked to make a difference in their world. With their almost boundless energy, the youth can certainly make an impact in any of their chosen advocacies or causes.

Technologically savvy. The youth are also savvy in using the internet, the Web and the latest technologies that come out in the market. While older people tend to use such gadgets extensively, youth tend to be more creative in using these tools and integrate them in their lives. The use of technology can enhance whatever cause that youths choose to support.

No big deal responsibilities. Most youth are carefree. This

Survival of Social Enterprises

The concept of social entrepreneurs making profit along with improving the society does not make sense to all. Many companies believe that they can either benefit the society or make profit. There is no doubt that sometimes effectiveness and efficiency can’t be achieved together. If social enterprises start focusing on making money, their ability to serve social and environmental causes might get affected.

But one also can’t deny the fact that such enterprises need a strong financial backing so that they don’t have to compromise on their objectives of sustainable development. Since banks are mostly risk-averse and foundations don’t offer grants on easy terms, lack of finance has become the biggest hurdle for such enterprises to grow. Therefore, social entrepreneurs should try operating and thinking like commercial businessmen to some extent so that their services don’t get affected due to irregular cash flow.

Experts believe that non-profit organizations can run efficiently as a sustainable business if the services they provide to the community, provides something back to the business that can help the enterprise grow further. This concept has been coined as creative capitalism within which a company can make profit as well as serve the

Great Tactics for Social Entrepreneurs

In the next stage of life, there were friends and mentors who showed us the right path and helped us in decision making and choosing the best career. Then we went to our professional life and met team members, who equally put their efforts to help us achieve our targets. So, how can one claim that he or she achieved their goals all alone? It is not possible to make a success story all by yourself. People need people in every stage of their life.

Even in entrepreneurship to attain your goal, most important element you required is “team “. You cannot get through all obstacles and hardships single-handedly. There should be people who can support you. There should be mentors who guide you to familiarize with right solutions and to tell you the best strategies.

As we all know that in Pakistan there are thousands of people who are unemployed. Students after completing their graduation or post-graduation seek career opportunities. One way to help the people to gain maximum benefit from the workforce is to endorse startups and entrepreneurship as a job-creating tool. This solution has mostly been overlooked. According to a survey, there are

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

In the case of acceptable definitions of sustainable entrepreneurship, where reference is made to the common good, I would like to clarify that sustainable entrepreneurship cannot and should not be about establishing some kind of social common good, as in a communal framework associated with planned economies such as the former Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba, Venezuela and Socialists African counties. It is an oxymoron to do so. In contrast, the common good in a free market context, is about job creation which produces disposal income which begets increased demand for goods and services. This then is accompanied by a multiplier effect that allows a dollar to flow through the economy something like 2 times or more, which further begets additional demand for goods and services, which further increases disposal income, resulting in increased corporate revenue for re-investment, capital accumulation, and business growth. This compound economic activity produces increased state and federal corporate and personal income tax revenue, which allows for infrastructure investment in public works such as roads, bridges, railways, dams, and national lands like parks, wetlands, mountain ranges, and the like.

Rather, in my view, sustainable entrepreneurship is the process of sustaining a level of

Social Enterprise Network

Connection. Development work is sometimes a lonely job. You work almost round the clock, you meet various obstacles along the way, and you meet difficult people, too. The pressure can be daunting and you may want to give up if you cannot air your problems and your situation to somebody who can understand your predicament. With a network, you can ask other people about their own experiences. You can trade stories and lessons learned from your entrepreneurship journey.

Relationships. As you grow your social enterprise, you will need important relationships. You can find friends, mentors and coaches through a social enterprise network. These people will constitute your inner circle and they can help you achieve your goals. The interesting thing in becoming part of the network is the access to relationships that could be mutually beneficial. You contribute your ideas and your thoughts while you get the same thing from others. As you continue to enrich each other, the network becomes better and you end up becoming a topnotch entrepreneur.

Network and Referrals. As you meet more people, you will discover more suppliers that can give you better prices and quality. You can also ask for

Organize a Social Entrepreneurship Conference

Identify the topics you want covered. When you know your objectives and you have set the theme, you can easily identify the topics that will be covered in the conference. If your target audiences are newbies, then you can come up with introductory courses or talks that would help them launch their social enterprises. If they are already veterans in the field, then offer new ways for them to improve and learn something new.

Look for speakers. Based on your topic, look for the speakers who can really motivate and help your participants grow as social entrepreneurs. Track record is important so that the participants will know that your conference is one of the best out there. Theory is great, but seeing it in practice is even better.

Arrange the venue. Look for a suitable venue for your conference. This will depend on the size of your audience. Will you need breakout rooms? Workshop area? A place for networking and chatting? What is your budget? Take these things into account as you look for the venue.

Secure vendors and providers. Look for those who will provide food, materials, and other things you will need for

Role Of Entrepreneurship

All these and more is happening at a time when our world is at its peak in terms of cross-border connectivity, exposure to and awareness of international issues and most importantly, technological advancements that we take so much of pride and obsession in.

Creativity, innovation, wealth creation and accumulation, fund-raising efforts, number of NGOs and ‘social enterprises’ and educational standards are apparently all at their pinnacles.

We have never been, as global citizens, in a better position to reduce social, environmental and economic problems around us. So why than, is the exact reverse taking place?

Entrepreneurship has a larger role to play today than it did ever before. I do not mean entrepreneurship only in the sense of a process of starting an innovative start-up but rather a set of life skills as well.

You see there is plenty of entrepreneurship being talked about and even practiced in the sense that we commonly know of. In September 2010 alone, 4600 over companies were registered in Singapore with 74% having a share capital of below $10,000. Tech-based firms with innovative offerings remain the preferred choice of angel investors, government linked funding and even business plan

Shared Economy

1. Socially we are moving from Ownership to Sharing: If you closely look at these companies, they neither offer any technology for you to use nor they offer direct services. The delightful experiences are delivered by someone who is sharing the goods and services with you. This is helping people to move from full ownership to a sharing model thus opening up to unknown set of people from across the globe. This mode of sharing can’t be seen as selling as the provider of services is letting you be a part of something that they completely own & probably use as part of their daily lives. The more people share more they grow & more they grow the more they share. This way we are moving from I & you to we & us leading to a harmonized happy world. This is the foundation of the new direction and a paradigm shift that is leading a new way of life – a Social Change.

2.We are trusting the unknown: Every time you consume a service through the shared economy model you trust the unknown. Yes there are reviews about the services you are planning to consume but

Social Enterprise Alliance

An efficient social enterprise field can help drive successfully operating them towards better growth and sustainability. It is a common responsibility of investors, funders, public and the government to encourage efficient social enterprise by implementing practices and policies that create a collaborative environment.

Social enterprise is an extensively practiced method that intends to create a highly sustainable and just world. And in order to fulfill this objective an alliance works with dedication to build an efficient social enterprise field. The alliance creates its customers based on a number of criteria. They could be the starting entrepreneurs who seek knowledge and inspiration to launch such an endeavor. The customers could also be coming up or middle stage practitioners who are looking for ways and information for best practices. They could also come from the pool of advanced practitioners of established organizations who seek opportunities to connect with peers and who want to impact public support and awareness for this type of service.

The second pool of customers for social enterprise alliance include social capital investors and funders who seek knowledge about best practices in order to empower their investment strategies with information, and those who look for

All about Social Entrepreneurship Development Program

Understanding Social entrepreneurship. Any organization or foundation needs to understand what social entrepreneurship is all about. For one, it is about addressing social problems and issues. The entrepreneur identifies these problems and uses his imagination to come up with solutions to the problems. When the solutions are arrived at, he then looks at various ways to make the solution sustainable. That’s what a social enterprise is for. Any development program for this kind of entrepreneurship needs to include several things.

Creativity. It’s not only about thinking out of the box. The students of this program should learn how to use new lenses look at problems from different perspectives. This way, they can avoid the “tried and tested” formula of solving problems. If students would just allow their imagination to soar, there are a lot of solutions to the problems of the world. The challenge is to look at them in a different way until a solution is found.

Innovative problem solving. This is the natural outgrowth of creativity. Problems will not go away by themselves. They have to be identified and solved. Yet, the solutions should also be sustainable so that the solution will still stand

Tips Clarify Your Idea

What are you most passionate about in the world? (What social issue are you trying to solve?) Don’t limit it to your social business idea. Just list all the things out that you are thinking. This is a crucial component for a social business entrepreneur, what social matters are you most passionate about solving? What makes you most angry when you hear about it? write them out.

Now rate them. What are your top two? Once you do this it will give you more clarity into what the social business should really be focusing on.

What are you best at in the world? Or another way to say it, what do you love achieving most in the globe? This will structure the way the corporation is run. It may even adjust the whole direction of the your social business idea. Are you best at speaking, networking, writing, selling, talking, connecting with people, administration?

What drives your economic engine? (Or if you are a non-profit, in his book Good to Great in the Social Sector, Collins says this circle can be changed to How can we develop a sustainable resource engine to deliver superior performance relative

Set Social Enterprise Apart

Be Authentic

People can smell a phony from a mile away. Consumers know if you are just doing lip service, or if you are really real.

Check it in yourself first: Are you really earnest? Is it something you are enthusiastic about or are you just doing it to try to build a competitive advantage?

Be authentic. Get passionate about an area and work to make a authentic change in that area through your social enterprise.

Tell a Your Story:

“Hi I’m Joe from xyz travel company, We are a full service online accommodation provider, offering hotels, cottages, and villas. We focus on customer satisfaction and fulfillment.” BLAH BLAH!!

“Hi I’m Justin from Ethic! Travel. We offer top quality hotel and vacation rentals online. But we are more than that. With every booking we donate a portion of profit to help build homes for someone in need. So you can have a vacation and make a difference!”

This is one of the important elements to Tom’s Shoes success. Someone says, “hey check out my shoes, and guess what, whenever you buy a pair another pair goes to someone without in a