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Monthly Archives: January 2017

About Youth Social Entrepreneurship

The youth have a lot of passion. Social entrepreneurship is not motivated by money or profit. It is actually driven by a desire to make the world a better place. Too often though, charitable institutions are not creative or ambitious enough to make big changes in the world. With the passion of youth social entrepreneurship, perhaps the world can be a better place.

Almost boundless energy. With youth come strength and energy. Although a lot of youth and young adults are devoting their energies to destructive causes such as gangs and self-destructive habits, some youth can be asked to make a difference in their world. With their almost boundless energy, the youth can certainly make an impact in any of their chosen advocacies or causes.

Technologically savvy. The youth are also savvy in using the internet, the Web and the latest technologies that come out in the market. While older people tend to use such gadgets extensively, youth tend to be more creative in using these tools and integrate them in their lives. The use of technology can enhance whatever cause that youths choose to support.

No big deal responsibilities. Most youth are carefree. This just means that they still do not have big deal responsibilities. Because of that, they have more free time to travel, to devote some part of their money to some cause and advocacy. They can also serve as volunteers in a non-profit organization. Or, given their youth, they can even start their own movements in changing the world.

Risks. Youth are generally risk-takers. They want to always push the limits and boundaries-whether in the home, in the school or in society. Imagine if the youth expended their energy on a world-changing activity and opportunity! The world will become an amazing place in no time.

Survival of Social Enterprises

The concept of social entrepreneurs making profit along with improving the society does not make sense to all. Many companies believe that they can either benefit the society or make profit. There is no doubt that sometimes effectiveness and efficiency can’t be achieved together. If social enterprises start focusing on making money, their ability to serve social and environmental causes might get affected.

But one also can’t deny the fact that such enterprises need a strong financial backing so that they don’t have to compromise on their objectives of sustainable development. Since banks are mostly risk-averse and foundations don’t offer grants on easy terms, lack of finance has become the biggest hurdle for such enterprises to grow. Therefore, social entrepreneurs should try operating and thinking like commercial businessmen to some extent so that their services don’t get affected due to irregular cash flow.

Experts believe that non-profit organizations can run efficiently as a sustainable business if the services they provide to the community, provides something back to the business that can help the enterprise grow further. This concept has been coined as creative capitalism within which a company can make profit as well as serve the society. TOMS Shoes can be considered a good example of creative capitalism. When a consumer purchases one pair of TOMS shoes, the company gives a pair of new shoes to a needy child. With a simple yet innovative One for One concept, the company has managed to make a difference along with making profit.

Private companies are profit based and this in turn attracts investors from all sectors. More social entrepreneurship funds are required to make the social investment community as strong as the mainstream investment community. Partnering with private companies will also help social entrepreneurs learn more about running business the smarter way.

Great Tactics for Social Entrepreneurs

In the next stage of life, there were friends and mentors who showed us the right path and helped us in decision making and choosing the best career. Then we went to our professional life and met team members, who equally put their efforts to help us achieve our targets. So, how can one claim that he or she achieved their goals all alone? It is not possible to make a success story all by yourself. People need people in every stage of their life.

Even in entrepreneurship to attain your goal, most important element you required is “team “. You cannot get through all obstacles and hardships single-handedly. There should be people who can support you. There should be mentors who guide you to familiarize with right solutions and to tell you the best strategies.

As we all know that in Pakistan there are thousands of people who are unemployed. Students after completing their graduation or post-graduation seek career opportunities. One way to help the people to gain maximum benefit from the workforce is to endorse startups and entrepreneurship as a job-creating tool. This solution has mostly been overlooked. According to a survey, there are 220 million people in Pakistan and there are almost 40% unemployment from educated people. Unemployment is actually creating so many issues around the globe.

Actually there three kinds of people in the world:

1- Unemployable

2- Underemployed

3- Unemployed

They all start with ‘u’ and ‘u’ means really ‘you’ and you should explore the social entrepreneurship and learn from unemployable to become one so all grow together and live peacefully.

If you want to achieve something in your life, if you want to attain your strategies then follow the rule: ‘Stay foolish and stay hungry’. Be stupid in your ideas and be hungry for learning. Try each and every idea that come to your mind and do experiments so you can get the best solution. Be hungry in learning from the best people around the globe. Learn from everywhere and from each kind of people to gain maximum knowledge in your mind bucket. So when you start your own startup as a social entrepreneur you have the maximum and tremendous solution to do things right.

In social entrepreneurship, you take a small portion of what you are doing and giving it back to society. It feels so satisfying to fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues alongside making a profit too. It goes side by side. You can say the two-way profit creating theory. One for yourself and the other for society. It is the finest way to start your dream as a social entrepreneur. When you start at this age of your life, you would be young and capable enough of making right things happened. This could be the time when all your capacities to create an impact would be at peak. You can better serve your society than you can serve later and by actually making money too.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

In the case of acceptable definitions of sustainable entrepreneurship, where reference is made to the common good, I would like to clarify that sustainable entrepreneurship cannot and should not be about establishing some kind of social common good, as in a communal framework associated with planned economies such as the former Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba, Venezuela and Socialists African counties. It is an oxymoron to do so. In contrast, the common good in a free market context, is about job creation which produces disposal income which begets increased demand for goods and services. This then is accompanied by a multiplier effect that allows a dollar to flow through the economy something like 2 times or more, which further begets additional demand for goods and services, which further increases disposal income, resulting in increased corporate revenue for re-investment, capital accumulation, and business growth. This compound economic activity produces increased state and federal corporate and personal income tax revenue, which allows for infrastructure investment in public works such as roads, bridges, railways, dams, and national lands like parks, wetlands, mountain ranges, and the like.

Rather, in my view, sustainable entrepreneurship is the process of sustaining a level of entrepreneurial development as to create a paradigm shift in economic activity such that national GDP, job growth, capital investment, technology advancement, and quality of life is unmatched, unsurpassed and unequalled. I realize this seems a bit altruistic and sounds like I am talking about Utopia. But I am not. We can and should strive through local, state and national efforts to seek to establish an economic mentality that is strategically focused on entrepreneurship and authentic organic economic growth at the community level across America. We can and should incorporate the concept of sustainability into the free market consciousness and allow the consummate entrepreneur, who seeks wealth creation within a tremendous risk-reward environment, through sustained invention and innovation, to achieve success. We can least forget that it was, has and will be entrepreneurial development that made our country great. We need so more of that now.