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About Youth Social Entrepreneurship

The youth have a lot of passion. Social entrepreneurship is not motivated by money or profit. It is actually driven by a desire to make the world a better place. Too often though, charitable institutions are not creative or ambitious enough to make big changes in the world. With the passion of youth social entrepreneurship, perhaps the world can be a better place.

Almost boundless energy. With youth come strength and energy. Although a lot of youth and young adults are devoting their energies to destructive causes such as gangs and self-destructive habits, some youth can be asked to make a difference in their world. With their almost boundless energy, the youth can certainly make an impact in any of their chosen advocacies or causes.

Technologically savvy. The youth are also savvy in using the internet, the Web and the latest technologies that come out in the market. While older people tend to use such gadgets extensively, youth tend to be more creative in using these tools and integrate them in their lives. The use of technology can enhance whatever cause that youths choose to support.

No big deal responsibilities. Most youth are carefree. This just means that they still do not have big deal responsibilities. Because of that, they have more free time to travel, to devote some part of their money to some cause and advocacy. They can also serve as volunteers in a non-profit organization. Or, given their youth, they can even start their own movements in changing the world.

Risks. Youth are generally risk-takers. They want to always push the limits and boundaries-whether in the home, in the school or in society. Imagine if the youth expended their energy on a world-changing activity and opportunity! The world will become an amazing place in no time.