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Set Social Enterprise Apart

Be Authentic

People can smell a phony from a mile away. Consumers know if you are just doing lip service, or if you are really real.

Check it in yourself first: Are you really earnest? Is it something you are enthusiastic about or are you just doing it to try to build a competitive advantage?

Be authentic. Get passionate about an area and work to make a authentic change in that area through your social enterprise.

Tell a Your Story:

“Hi I’m Joe from xyz travel company, We are a full service online accommodation provider, offering hotels, cottages, and villas. We focus on customer satisfaction and fulfillment.” BLAH BLAH!!

“Hi I’m Justin from Ethic! Travel. We offer top quality hotel and vacation rentals online. But we are more than that. With every booking we donate a portion of profit to help build homes for someone in need. So you can have a vacation and make a difference!”

This is one of the important elements to Tom’s Shoes success. Someone says, “hey check out my shoes, and guess what, whenever you buy a pair another pair goes to someone without in a third world country. Isn’t that cool?”

That’s effective word of mouth advertising! It’s something people want to share with their friends and co-workers.

Choose the right platform:

If you want to contest with the big boys you have to find the best approach and platform to share your story. There ARE people in the market who will LOVE what you do and be incredibly passionate about it. It’s your job to be on the platforms where they are looking for something like you!

Find which platform would fit best with your organization (your culture, social mission, strategy, etc.)


  • Blog
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Micro Blogs (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Online Networking groups
  • Offline networking groups
  • Rotary club, toastmaster, EO Group, etc.

There are many more platforms, and much has been written on them. Just Google it and you will find plenty about marketing platforms you can use.

Find the best platform or combo of platforms that fit your brand to communicate your message.

Market Your Product or Service Too:

I know this should be simple, but you would be shocked; I have seen a number of social businesses that when you look on their twitter, blogs, or other marketing attempts ONLY talk about their cause. Remember, you are selling a product or service too. People are not JUST going to buy from you because you do good. You must offer an exceptional product or service, as well as a social mission.

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