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Social Innovation Project

Social entrepreneurship has been one of the most productive ways of keeping people safe, comfortable and the environment clean as well. Social media has played a huge part in the push to make the world better. By sharing ideas and information over the net it has never been easier for people to come up with plans together and to organize. Organizing and executing various strategies is easy for anyone because of the huge multi-billion dollar online networks out there. People share through cloud services, You-tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype and many other services and community websites.

One of the main companies creating and actively implementing innovative ideas is Open Ideo. Open Ideo has ensured access to safe drinking water where there wasn’t any before, they have pushed to deliver immunizations to countries and communities that need them in order to be safe and prevent the spread of disease. The company has accomplished its goals through donations and sharing innovative ideas online and off. Open Ideo isn’t just about you donating either; it’s for you to share your ideas as well. Anyone can post for a cause and start garnering attention, in fact just recently a famous chef Jamie Oliver took advantage of the website and partnered up in order to teach children about the value of nutrition and how choosing the right foods to eat really does matter.

It’s easy to share and Ideo isn’t the only one taking advantage of these innovative ideas online. The Uniform Project is more of a business venue however the company is built around charity. This is one of the first companies to show that a business can exist with a social conscious in a major way, and not simply as an afterthought. The Uniform Project is constantly working to donate to charity, providing clothing to the poor and still manage to sell their clothing to emerging celebrities.

There are some community websites that offer a variety of social innovation project choices for you to back. A social innovation project doesn’t necessarily mean donating money; it can be showing up to an event or just putting in some time online to help spread the word. No Right Brain Left Brain is all about getting the creative community together, sharing innovative ideas, trying to solve problems and collecting the tools that can help make schools a better place for students. This comes in the way of supportive scholarships, tools for students to take advantage of, books and more.