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Social Media Jobs

Facebook jobs (and this applies to all other media as well) generally consist of a number of different services:

– Planning and executing marketing campaigns that focus on social media platforms. This includes tracking the company’s social media exposure so that you know exactly which channel you should focus on.

– Increasing the number of ‘likes’ or ‘friends’ or even followers of company’s page so that its message can go across to as many people as possible.

– Providing regular updates to the company’s social networking page so that customers always have something new and interesting to need.

– Ensuring that other people spread information about marketing campaigns that you have launched so that they are distributed to a very wide audience.

– Keeping track of trending topics so that you can incorporate them in your marketing efforts, thereby staying relevant at all times.

– Collecting feedback from customers so that products and services can be customized.

– Conducting training sessions for customers so that they can manage their social networking marketing on their own.